Journal Reflection Week 2

This week I’ve had time to reflect on some of the assignments and how they bring to light the idea of great leadership. The Ender’s Game movie is just one movie that characterizes leadership. With Ender (Wiggin) and Colonel Graff being the most obvious leaders throughout the movie, they exemplified vision, patients, respect, determination, humility, good communication skills, compassion,  and most of all a sense of team work to accomplish a common goal. To me these characteristics are shown in great leaders. The opioid crisis that has plagued many communities is a prime example in how leadership can rectify the adverse effects of the crisis. In Oklahoma a state judge ordered Johnson and Johnson to pay $572 million for perpetuating the addiction crisis. I’d hope that great leadership will appropriate the funds correctly especially the communities the crisis has hit the hardest.

Through the team activity of determining who the leaders were on the given list of names we found most of the individuals that were listed were leaders and for similar but different reasons. They were similar in that they had vision or ingenuity, influence over peers, and great communication skills. Even though one in particular such as Adolf Hitler had some very disturbing ideologies that perpetrated the events that had unfold. But even Hitler was able to lead others to come together for a cause that they believed in such as the Aryan race and the genocide of millions of Jews. With this activity it is easy to see that those in natural leadership positions such as presidency, fuhrer, CEO of a company, priest tend to be easy to find the leadership qualities. However in day to day operations at work I’ve began to notice natural leaders that do not take on the given title of “leader”. These co-workers tend to have a grasp on how the system or unit works as a whole, knowledgeable experts in their line of work, teachable, and teachers of their expertise.

The DISC personality test was to help identify personal traits that contribute to ones leadership style and how each of the traits are useful within an organisation depending on the circumstances. However I did not see that one of these traits was more prevalent in me as a whole but was more prevalent in me depending on the circumstances that I am placed in. I do think that having a good understanding of oneself and your personality traits will help one be more mindful in their leadership style and may help shape their leadership style depending on their given situation.

The information in this unit will help me be more mindful of leadership characteristics, personality traits, and identify those around me to exemplify leadership even though they may not take on the leadership style. This will also help me be more mindful of my own characteristics and personality traits that I express so that I can hone in on how to better myself to become a better leader in my line of work.

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