Week 3 Journal

   This week we discovered the different aspects of the hiring process. From my understanding of the material, as a leader in the hiring process it becomes much more difficult/time consuming depending on the organization and the hierarchal system that may take time to achieve approval for the process, and the process itself (HR, 3rd party organizations, overlooking candidates, interviews and post interview). It seems a few things tend to take more time such as the responsibilities of the position; such as a technician vs a nurse vs a manager, each of these will be looked at in more detail for different reasons.

   The interview itself has risk with what questions are made Legal or Illegal, and the preparation for the interview. If the interview is well thought out by having prepared questions, specific people involved with the interview (huck, nurse, charge nurse, or HR employee), and an agreeable best-case scenario hire. To properly lead through the hiring processes reduces the time it takes to obtain a new hire, and the skillset it takes to choose the best candidate that fulfills the needs of the unit and culture within. As a new nurse in the field these are aspects of the hiring process to consider as I am more likely to be placed in a leadership role as my career progresses.

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