Reflective Journal Week 4

                 This week I learned more about the hiring process, more importantly the interview processes and what it all entails. When applying for a job it’s much easier to have your resume dialed in, fill out necessary application information, and have references ready for the hiring company. But when interviewing the company needs to take into consideration, logistics of a new hire, Job description, required education/certifications, prior experience, job commitment, the Interview, interviewee personality types, genuine applicants, resources for training new hire ext. Needless to say there is a lot that goes into hiring a new employee than may meet the eye. And to hire the right employee is crucial for the future of the company/organization.

                If I get to the position where I am in charge of the hiring process it is clear to me that I take it seriously by creating a plan, have resources available to me to weed through candidates selecting those who I would hire on paper and conducting an interview to dive deeper into whom will be the best fit for the culture we work in.

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