Reflective Journal Week 5

Reflective Journal Week 5


This week our group discussions were focused around the greatest leader of all time, performance appraisals, and dealing with what may be considered a problem employee. When discussing the greatest leader of all time it seemed to be hard to pinpoint someone that encompasses the greatest leader of all time title because there have been many great leaders and in their own way and seems to be specific for the situation they are placed in. Some of the leaders that were presented as a group were, Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr., and George Washington. Each of these leaders rose to a challenge and spoke up to make things right in the world to make the world a better place.

When discussing performance appraisals, it was clear that there needs to be set expectations to be able to discuss job performance with employees so that they are able to progress in their career by knowing where they stand and what they can improve upon.

When discussing the given “problem employee” scenario it was clear to me that the employee in question was not a problem but seemed to be because the needs of the unit seemed to be cumbersome and needed the extra help from those on the unit. When asked to discipline or use corrective action with an employee that doesn’t seem to have created a problem would be a difficult task and would need to be gone about methodically to retain the knowledge/experience but also cover the needs of the unit.


The team activities brought new insight/perspective into who would be considered the best leader of all time and the reasoning behind their decision. And some great ideas on how to go about talking with a “problem employee” were discussed giving me new perspective on how one may go about tackling the task.

This week it was apparent that there are many different perspectives, and ways to complete a task such as dealing with unit needs and employees that are needed to fill in where needed. When utilizing this information in my nursing practice I will try my best to gather as much information as possible to gain a holistic perspective before jumping to conclusions. This week really helped me collaborate different perspectives pulling me outside of my box of thinking.

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