Performance Appraisal Interview

  1. How long do your performance interviews last and do you feel it is an adequate amount of time?

There is some self-evaluation, but a lot of the data is subjective determined on how they meet the standards. Every 3 years it is a longer evaluation. Sitting down maybe 30 min. because the process has been going on for about year. Each employee has about 5 days to submit a statement about the performance evaluation.


  1. How often do you hold performance interviews with your employees.

Once a year for every employee and every 3 years for a more in depth process.


  1. Do you encourage or require your employees to set goals that they can work on throughout the year?

Yes, that is all part of the process, and at the beginning of the year they set goals that      are measurable utilizing the SMART goals acronym.


  1. Do you use a one on one method when doing a performance interview or do you have others in attendance? 

It is always a one on one, unless they are not meeting standards because there may be   disciplinary action and requires another administrator.


  1. What kind of setting do you hold performance reviews? A more formal time set aside outside of a shift? Or do you take people aside before during or after a shift in more of an informal setting?

It’s either in the office or in their workplace in private. Never liked the idea of summoning someone to the office as it may be intimidating or make the employee feel like they are in trouble. Likes to go to their office during a prep period. Tries not to do anything     before or after working hours.


  1. How do you determine the results of a performance review? Do you use some type of scale to grade employees?

Uses a standards or state standards and incorporate those in the performance review process. Rates every standard on highly effective, effective, minimally effective, partially effective, and ineffective. Partially effective for 2-3 years of employment is acceptable as long as there is a plan for improvement. If partially effective is met after the initial 3 years the employee requires reprimand, although those who change positions are given leeway.


  1. Are your employees pay/ raises affected by their performance review?

Yes, if you don’t meet standards then the raises for the year are not given.


  1. Do you have coworkers and employees evaluate each other? Is what they say taken into account when making decisions?

No, but there is a process to help one another by evaluating one another unofficially so that they can see where they might need improvement.


  1. Do you ever give employees a “perfect” score on a performance review? Why or why not?

That is called a straight-line evaluation and is discouraged and doesn’t say much about the person.


  1. What qualities are you evaluating? Attendance, ability to get along with coworkers, get projects done, etc..?

7-10 main Standards, evaluations on productivity, interaction with clients, client surveys, correction surveys, community surveys, performance in work force, attending and participating in meetings, do they support mission and values of the company, portfolio, and client engagement. These are all used when evaluating an employee and may be gathered throughout the year.

Marlisa Gerber, Varex Imaging

Some companies put more emphasis on an employee evaluation and it seems as though Varex is one of them. I believe that it is important to have a comprehensive employee evaluation but it seems to me that this may be overboard especially when it comes to the 3 year mark for evaluating the employees. The impression that I got was that during the more in depth evaluation it is very time consuming when the time/money could be spent mentoring those who really need the help within the company.

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