Reflective Journal Week 6

This week we talked about ethical issues in the workplace and what we may do when placed in a situation that may require an ethical committee to intervene or help the care team and family make a decision based on the specific situation. There are many different types of ethical or legal dilemmas in the workplace and all we need to be able to do is identify the need for an ethical committee to help the family and care team make the best decision for those involved.

During the team activities I found myself a bit more conservative when on the ethical committee for a patient that is in a vegetative state and the family wanting to go through with dialysis. From my experience of working in healthcare it is easy to have our own idea of what should happen to patients in specific situations, but it tends to be skewed or biased from what we know of healthcare and our cultural beliefs. I find it difficult to press my beliefs on someone especially when it comes to the care that is provided to a patient/family. I find it more beneficial to educate the family on the diagnosis/prognosis and give a recommendation but ultimately give the family a say in this specific situation.

I believe it is important to really understand why a family would want to pursue specific medical treatment especially in circumstances such dialysis for a patient in a vegetative state. Or in the movie My Sister’s Keeper, the daughter who was born solely to provide biomedical treatment by using her body as replacement parts for her older sister.

The information gained from this unit will help me understand that we need to look at these ethical dilemmas from a non-biased perspective to make a decision that is truly best for the patient/family that is involved. I need to be more aware of identifying ethical issues as well so that the proper team can be notified. It is not going to be easy when faced with an ethical dilemma and that is why these teams are available to healthcare.

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