Reflective Journal Week 7

This week I learned much more of the nitty gritty of the financial realm of what it may take to run a unit/hospital. Every penny spent toward a unit is money taken away from profits, or the ability for a hospital to stay open to provide care to patients/community. It would be interesting to see more people go through a budget of a hospital unit to really understand what it cost, and what types of things can not be billed for in the medical profession such as a failed attempt of placing a catheter. I’m interested in performing my interview questions next week for a company that deals with outdoor retail. My brother works for the company and they have really made it a focus to treat their employees well. The Interview for this week was interesting as I talked with my mother in law who helps manage a team at Cadence. I found that some companies are very lenient toward their employees. In a state such as Utah I thought you would see more companies that would be quick to fire when they deal with poor performing employees.

This week I’ve learned that there is much more to running a hospital unit than meets the eye. There is a lot of moving parts within the financial realm. This aspect has opened my eyes to the materials we utilize at work, the work codes we use to show where the funding is going such as continuing education, and orientation. It’s important to get these right as it may take away from potential hours going to the unit for floor nurses/techs.

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