Reflective Journal Week 8

This unit I really began to understand where the future of nursing is leading and requires us nurses and future nurses to rely invest into our education because the government body that oversees the funding that is offered for providing services and medicare and Medicaid funding would be withheld from the hospital if the RN who is taking care of the patient does not have their bachelors. Which makes sense why hospitals/corporations are shying away from hiring ADN’s forcing students to pay more for an education that has no increase in pay. APRN’s are also pushing to become sole providers without having to consult or work under a medical doctor as they are advocating that APRN’s provide equitable high quality care with no increase in medical errors/discrepancies.

The team activities provide an opportunity to see another classmates perspective which help me reflect on the different dynamics of the information ultimately playing a role in how I shape or reshape my opinions/beliefs/thoughts. I would say that it didn’t necessarily change my opinion on the subject but that it helped me see different perspectives which I may or may not agree with.

The information will help me understand where nursing is going in the future. The potential for growth in the future of nursing will help me rethink and shape my future goals of education and specializations that are available.

I believe that the current push that is happening for APRN’s is going to effect how healthcare is provided to communities and will over time shape the interactions and co-operations between healthcare providers mainly between medical doctors and APRN’s.

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