Week 9 Reflection

This week we discussed career development, staffing, and reviewed a modern healthcare article. Career development was a reminder that there are different stages when developing our career. Education, experience, leadership opportunities, goals for further development (higher education/ administration), and work with people who will help you grow in your career. Staffing is important as we progress in our career as we may have to help create a staffing schedule for a unit/clinic/hospital. The most important aspect to staffing is to ensure that the unit is taken care of, experienced to new healthcare provider ratio’s to provide a safe environment for the staff/patients.

Our group discussed our goals in our personal career development, and the way our unit staffs. This helped provide perspective of what others long term goals are within the nursing profession, and realistic time frames to achieve them. This makes me think that many others have put some time and effort into planning their career choices to meet their goals. We also discussed the differences in our units staffing needs and realized that many not every unit will staff the same way which makes sense as every unit adapts and changes over time to meet the needs of the specific unit.

This information helps provide a path of knowledge that can be taken into consideration when making long term goals for my nursing career and the insight to what may be required to staff the unit.

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