Reflective Journal Week 10

This unit I learned more about myself and how I deal with change by watching Who moved my cheese. This short clip had me connect with each character in different ways. At times I’m like sniff and scurry where I utilize my intuition and instincts to act promptly. In ways I’m like Hem and resist any change and will think of the worst-case scenario, and like Haw I learn to adapt to the change and learn that at times change is necessary to better myself and those I am around. Ultimately, I would say I am like Haw and I’ve been working on looking inward of what I can do to better myself through self-reflection.

The discussion for this week I found that many people were similar in that they felt as if they connected with the character Haw with Hem being a close second in that change can be hard to accept but are capable of recognizing change is necessary to better yourself.

To utilize this information in my nursing practice I will need to be open to the idea of change being a positive movement in my career even though it may be nerve wrecking at times. Another way I can be proactive in knowing that change is inevitable is to be on the forefront of seeking positive change within my career and work environment. It is also beneficial to help others understand the change and help provide guidance so that the change can be more readily accepted and implemented in their career.

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