Reflective Journal Week 12

This week we learned/discussed conflict in the workplace. Many in our group discussions came to the same conclusion when creating steps to address the issue in the workplace. The first step should always be to recognize that there is conflict in the workplace between individuals or groups within. The next step is to if necessary intervene by separating individuals, mediating, or get security involved, and knowing when to get management involved. We also did a bargaining assignment that helped us realize when bargaining pay raises for employees may cause conflict and have financial repercussions to the employer and employees if not done with care as strikes/layoffs, and loss of production could occur.

The movie The Guardian helped us recognize conflict and the use of effective conflict management can create a better environment for both parties involved. It also portrayed poor conflict management skills that not only didn’t resolve issues but made them worse as the film progressed. The take away from for me was that when in a leadership position it behooves us to be respectful, do not public shame, and provide an environment where both parties are safe to discuss problems, concerns, or conflict in the workplace. My hope is that I can recognize when I recognize conflict within myself or others that I will be able to effectively use conflict management that can create a positive outcome.

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