Week 11 Journal

This week I learned that strategic planning has changed as healthcare leadership changes as well with a focus to look at a large goal and set benchmarks or time frames that are shorter to be more achievable with 6/12/18/24 month time frames that make goals more realistic to reach as CEO’s are able to create the change in this time frame. As a group we discussed strategic planning for what programs could be offered at UVU and how they may be implemented focusing on MSN/FNP programs that could be offered to help alleviate the disparity in Utah as the research has shown that there is a growing need for NP’s in the state of Utah. To implement a strategy as a University it would be quite time consuming to get all the pieces together to implement a new program. From obtaining the staff, budget, physical resources (building, office supplies, technology or programs), clinical sites, accreditation and creating a process to accept applicants into the program that share the same values to support the communities they will likely serve.

Utilizing this information will help me understand that when implementing goals for a large corporation such as many healthcare corporations it takes much more thought and planning to implement the change as it can be much more costly and should take proper steps to minimize negative effects of ideas that may be implemented poorly.

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