Week 14

This unit we discussed what motivational factors we would put into place to create an environment that staff would want to be part of and not leave for a competing position. Sometimes it is the simple things that create a place for people to come and enjoy the work they do. Unrealistic expectations that set us up for failure creates an environment that is toxic as we tend to look to our left and our right to place blame as to why something may have happened. Praise for a good deed or act would help employees realize their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and to treat those for their hard work with gifts and public praise. When discussing this with our group it only solidified the similarities that would help increase morale for floor nurses/staff.

Using this in my career I can take these ideas to help implement them in my workplace. Many of these items just needs the initiation and convincing to higher management. The ball has got to start somewhere and if we want that change we may have to be the ones to push the ball. As we progress in our career we need to consider changes that occur in our workplace and how they may affect the units morale and what we can do to maintain a level of morale that keeps our patients safe by having/utilizing proper teamwork.

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