Week 14

This week we discussed risk management and the legal responsibilities of the nurse leader. During the discussion of the emergency department incident it was apparent that many people may point and say there is neglect of the patient when left in four point restraints and not thoroughly inspected for contraband as he had a lighter and caused further injury to himself by burning the restraints.

The importance of this scenario was to not point fingers at everyone but to gather information to paint the larger picture and to see what may need to change; whether that be protocol or retraining of staff. If this behavior trends with any given staff member it may be an indicator that the staff member is not following protocol and is more likely to become a liability for the hospital to keep staffed.

This scenario alone hits home the idea that we should be very knowledgeable on the policies in place so that when something like this does come up not only are we covering ourselves but may point out change that needs to occur in our workplace. Patient safety is our number one priority and incidences like this are avoidable if we do our due diligence.

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