Reflection Journal – Week 16

This unit my team has been discussing exam 3. This has helped me reflect on how to increase morale of my unit by implementing different activities, perks, recognition, and for coworkers to get to know one another in hopes that it will enhance teamwork/morale. We discussed how each of us would deal with conflict which tends to be to avoid it but deal with conflict at the lowest levels before going up the chain of command. This sounds well on paper, but when emotions get the best of us it can be hard to maintain professionalism. For me I tend to need a little time to process everything that was said or done to determine how I would like to deal with conflict especially in the workplace where we are to work as a team to provide care to patients. Through modernhealthcare’s website I found that healthcare cost has increased with pharmaceuticals being the biggest factor as to why, even though cost has increased in nearly all categories of health care. I find it sad that pharmaceutical companies are gouging at the American people’s pocket especially when a lot of research that is done is funded through government grants, or donations.

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