Week 14

This week we discussed risk management and the legal responsibilities of the nurse leader. During the discussion of the emergency department incident it was apparent that many people may point and say there is neglect of the patient when left in four point restraints and not thoroughly inspected for contraband as he had a lighter […]

Week 14

This unit we discussed what motivational factors we would put into place to create an environment that staff would want to be part of and not leave for a competing position. Sometimes it is the simple things that create a place for people to come and enjoy the work they do. Unrealistic expectations that set […]

Week 9 Reflection

This week we discussed career development, staffing, and reviewed a modern healthcare article. Career development was a reminder that there are different stages when developing our career. Education, experience, leadership opportunities, goals for further development (higher education/ administration), and work with people who will help you grow in your career. Staffing is important as we […]